N-GlycositeAtlas, A Mass Spectrometry-based Human Glycoprotein and Glycosite Database

N-GlycositeAtlas was assembled by combining more than 10,000 identified N-glycosylation sites from different biological sources including human-derived tissues, body fluids and cell lines from over 100 studies.

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 Item Count
 Published Papers 85
 Unpublished Datasets 18
 Unique Glycosite-containing Peptides 30,872
 Unique Glycosylation Sites 14,644
 Unique Glycoproteins 7,204


New Mar 2016 N-GlycositeAtlas: The database was released online.
Mar 2015 N-GlycositeAtlas: The project was launched.
@2022 N- GlycositeAtlas is created by Center for Biomarker Discovery & Translation,Johns Hopkins University